sports and activities

The Auronzo and Misurina valleys are an open air gym for every sport linked to the mountains.
If you are looking for something more than the many walks available in the area we suggest that you contact the Guide Alpine Tre Cime for a safe climbing trip with the experts or the area’s Nordic Walking instructors to try out this interesting discipline.

There are many mountain bike routes and the Auronzo-Misurina Cycle Track will be completed in the summer of 2015 with its more than 30 kilometre route linking Auronzo di Cadore town with Misurina, the ‘pearl of the Dolomites’.

In Palùs San Marco (mid-way between Auronzo and Misurina) there is a horse riding stables for a chance to learn to ride and a horse riding trip in the forests.

In Auronzo there are tennis courts, a palaroller and a small swimming pool in Bucintoro (on the lake) adding an extra touch to your holiday.

Arrampicata Maneggio ad Auronzo di Cadore Palaroller ad Auronzo di Cadore Raccolta Funghi Tennis Club ad Auronzo di Cadore Piscina Bucintoro ad Auronzo di Cadore Minigolf ad Auronzo di Cadore Pesca nelle valli di Auronzo