The Tita Poa Botanical Trail

The Tita Poa trail is approximately one and a half kilomtres long and was created in 1991 by the Lozzo Alpine Club (CAI) to the north of the town at altitudes of between 800 and 930 metres. It was named after a Lozzo man who loved to stroll around these forests to the great old age of 105.


The purpose of the trail is to raise awareness of the flora of this natural environment and was set up on a pre-existing trail. The vegetation is natural and the only signs of human presence are those designed to maintain the trail and help visitors to identify the various species to be found along it with info panels.





Along the route we come across meadow grasses with lilies and buttercups, vegetation and shrubs such as hazelnuts, plums and hawthorn and marsh and rock flora, beech tree groves and Norway spruce trees.


There are also bird watching sites along the route.


The Tita Poa Botanical Trail webpage


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