Casera Razzo

The Casera Razzo high plateau (1800 m) is an outstanding panoramic point with extensive pastures which turn into enchanted snow fields in winter. Dotted with farm houses, mountain refuges and huts it is the starting point for a great many walks and an ideal place for outdoor activities all year round.



These are some of the area’s excellent mule tracks:

- to Monte Palon (2,018 m) from the Sauris road at Pezzocucco on a Roman era road;

- Col Rementera (1910 m) and Col Sarenede (2108 m) from Sella Ciampigotto with splendid views of Dolomite peaks. The starting point for a great many walks up into the Brentoni massif;

- Monte Bivera and Casera Ciansavièt from Casera di Razzo with views over the Carnic Alps;

- Maccarine forest from Casera Campo, one of John Paul II’s favourite destinations.



casera razzo



The high plateau contains Casera Razzo, Casera Federata (once a calf, now a horse meadow), Casera Sottopiova (beef cattle meadow), Casera Campo (cow pasture), a dairy which was once a subsidiary to Casera Razzo and Casera Ampiadè (goat and sheep meadow).

Next to the high plateau there are also the Losco and Pian de Sire (Lorenzago), Doana (Domegge), Mediana (Sauris) and Chiansavièt (Socchieve) dairies.

Rifugio Tenente Fabbro was put up in 1951 and Ristorante Baita Ciampigotto was built together with the ski lift.

Casera Razzo has been on the Strada dei Formaggi – the Cheese Way – since the EC recognised its dairy buildings and its authentic, full-flavoured and soft cheeses and other dairy products constitute the added value which makes the high plateau so attractive to tourists.




Blessed with an especially snowy climate the area’s sports activities have a long season which stretches well into spring. There is a cross-country skiing circuit, the Ciampigotto ski lift with its two slopes, a snowpark and a great many ski mountaineering routes and walks suitable for snowshoe trips.


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